Thursday, March 1, 2012

Early... But I Could Resist.

Only 11 weeks along and I have already started registering at places.
I do have a good reason.... I'm having an early baby show in 3 months for all my lovely California people to come attend. Plus it was a great way to bond with my husband and make him excited about our little Blessing :)
So the first place we went was Babies R Us. Im pretty sure I caught myself drooling most of the time.
Now I don't know if I told anyone yet but we are planning on surprising everyone at the shower with the sex of the baby. That made registering a little hard, but we picked gender neutral colors. I fell in love with this stroller. If we have a boy it will be perfect and if we have a can expect me to get some pink in there ;)

The second place I registered at is If you haven't checked it out....then you must. My friend introduced me to the " Best Bottom Diapers" and she swears by them.  Just look at them!! So adorable!!
And I'm still planning on going to Target. Lets hope they have cute stuff ;)

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