Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Worst Feeling

The night of January 24 I had just gotten off work. When I got home and went to take a shower I saw that I started bleeding. My heart dropped! I was so scared I had a miscarriage. I had called a friend and she told me that had happened to her but her baby was fine. She said to keep an eye on it. The next morning I went to breakfast with some friends. It still was happening but not as much. One of the girls there was also pregnant and told me that I needed to go check it out. Since my Doctor couldn't see me that day, the girls took me to Urgent Care. When I went to the front desk the lady told me they did have the right machine there to check out the baby. She went to talk to the Doctor and he immediately called me to the back to talk with me. He told me he was an OBGYN before Urgent Care and said It could be anything but didn't want to take the risk of me losing the baby... so he sent me to the ER. Could you imagine how panicked I was at that point. While at the ER, they took a lot of blood and kept a catheter in my arm.
( Sorry if this grosses you out) Once they got me into a room it took 2-3 hours before they took me to do a sonogram. Michael and I were a nervous wreck waiting. I could tell he was very tense and worried. When we got into the room where they did the sonogram, I just kept praying the whole time. The girl doing it looked over at us and said " I have good news.... theres the baby's heart beat." I could see the worry drain from Michaels face. Seeing my baby's heart beat was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I had fallen in love. 
6 Weeks

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