Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 24

How far along? 24 weeks
Baby is the size of: cantaloupe
Total weight gain: +2 (total +7)
Maternity clothes? Shorts and pants 

Stretch marks? No
Sleep: hard to fall asleep but I sleep great once I'm done.
Best moment this week: celebrating Jaxon's birthday.
Movement: Yes, she loves to move once I lay down.
Showing? More and more each day.
Food cravings: I'm loving artichokes right now. I really don't like eating though.
Things that make me sick: when I don't eat much in the morning and take my vitamins. I through up twice in the car on Saturday morning. Thank God I had bags in the car.
Gender: GIRL
Labor signs: Not that I know of.
Symptoms: I get the bad headaches once the weather changes.
Belly Button in or out?  In but super shallow.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Feelings: good for the most part, stressed with my now 3 year old.
Looking forward to: the baby show next weekend!!
Oils that are helping: thieves has been helping be big time.


As we are walking down to the street fair, Mike decides to let out a loud fart and Jaxon's yells, "I did it!".
Jaxon is officially 3!! We had a very eventful day. Jax woke up and got to open his gift from us. He got a skateboard, M&Ms and some other stuff. Later that morning we went over to our friends house and they surprised Jax with donuts and a candle along with some awesome ninja turtle toys that he has been wanting! That night we met Nana, Papa, auntie Nikki and uncle Scottie along with their significant others for dinner. Jax had a blast with them and was having fun making silly faces.

Mike and I were at Target and we were letting Jax walk around with us instead of being in the cart. As we went down the snack isle, like any kid, he saw stuff he wanted and tried to put it in the cart. We kept telling him to put it back, and he did. I grabbed skittles and thought I was being sneaky when I put it in the cart but Jaxon saw me and yelled while pointing, " put it back!" 

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