Wednesday, September 3, 2014

July 31- Aug 31

In the month of August:
Says "where is he" and " thank you" (Da You). They aren't very clear but he is sure trying. 
Says "who is that, what is that?"
Wouldn't go to bed because he wanted more bacon. 
Says "butt" and pokes my butt.

Love jumping on the trampoline we got him.

Dances to a song on Disney junior when ever it comes on.

Jax watched Charlotte go potty so he wanted to sit on the potty too. He still hasn't done his business on it. 

 After we got back from CO, Leah took Jax to his first circus and Mike and I got to have a date night to we went and got tattooed.

We tried taking both lacy and Jax on a bike ride but it was a disaster. Lacy was freaking out the whole time and trying to jump out.

I shaved Jaxons head for the first time and he did great! It didn't bug him at all. It's so much better then trying to cut it with scissors.

                                                         Dad left for Florida for a Snapon convention and my first night with Jaxon was hard. He woke up an hour after I fell asleep and would not go back to bed. I went into his room 4 different times to put everything he threw out of his bed back in, I even tried to bring him in my bed twice but he wouldn't fall asleep. He kept calling for "Dada" and then he wanted Lacy (our dog). He even brought his big ball into our bed. He was so happy to have the ball that he was kissing it! Hahahah!!

While the guys were gone, us wives took the kids to get macaroons and hung out at the pool.
One of the days we went and had lunch at Chic-fil-a. My friends daughter had an accident on the floor in the play around and while she took her to the bathroom to get cleaned up, her sister want trying to clean the mess on the floor. I was trying to hold Jaxon so he wouldn't step in it and he was kicking and screaming. He was pulling my shirt down so my bra was showing but I couldn't do anything because i was holding my drink and purse with the other arm. He ended up kicking the drink out of my hand and it went all over the floor. My friends sister and I couldn't help but laugh at the horrible situation we were in. 

Before I bought Jax his floaties, he did not like going in the pool. He even hated his life vest. The floaties have been amazing and this was the first time ever that we was ok being in the water and not attached to my hip.

Jaxon's Nana and Papa came up to visit us for the first time since we moved. Jax was SO excited to see them.

I sliced open my finger really bad right before Mike got home from his trip. Im so glad Jax was taking a nap when this happen. I put my oils on it to help with cleaning and healing it. Im still shocked at how fast it healed. 

Some other new things this month:

He will see a baby and point and say "baby!"

When he is in a cuddly mood, he will come up and put his head on me and say "oh mama" so I'll say "oh baby". 

Jax has been talking so much more even though his words aren't 100% correct, he is still trying.
Words: apple, duck, pool, thank you, please, more, pooh, cracker, banana (nana), Nana, Papa, Auntie, Mama, Dada, Lacy, Fishy, ball, shoes, set...go!, butt, back, head, nose, mouth, baby, bike, car, red, hi, byebye...

Jax fell down and scraped up his knee. As soon as it would start to heal, he would fall again and scrape the same knee and open it back up again! He did this 5 different times. All I can say is Thank God for oils!

We were at my friends house and Jaxon needed a nap so I put him in the packNplay she has. He was not happy one bit and 5 min later a heard a thud and when I went in there he was on his back outside of the packNplay. I guess he now knows how to climb out.

Jax will be playing with our phones and will turn it around to show us the cool things he is looking at.

My latest projects. 

I have been trying to stick Jaxon in a timeout chair. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Jaxon's friend Eli came over to play. Jax was trying to put his oils on Eli's feet just like how we do it to him. It made me so proud! 
We also tried to do a bike ride with the boys but that was another disaster! 

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