Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Family Vacation

First Family Vacation - Colorado Springs July 23-30
Jaxon did amazing on the flight out there. We had snacks and toys for him to play with. He looked a little worried but did great when the plane took off. Once we landed we had to wait for another plane to leave and then Jax started to get antsy. He was trying to stand up and pull on the seat in front of us and then would start talking to the people behind us.

Once we got down to Colorado Springs, we HAD to go have dinner at Cracker Barrel (its our favorite place). We took Jax there when he was 6 days old. All the kids were kind of grumpy so it made it a little hard.

My cousins drove down to have dinner with us and Jaxon was acting so weird and didn't want to sit, so Mike had to stand and hold him most of the time. Then it started raining on us right as they brought the food so we ran inside to eat. After that we went and had ice cream. ( We found out later that night that Jaxon's was sick)

Jax was obsessed with Juli's cats. He would follow them around just to pet them.

Our second night there was HORRIBLE. Jax woke up with a high fever and we didn't have a thermometer to take his temperature but he was really hot. I kept putting lemon EO's on his spine and feet and was able to get it to drop but he wouldn't sleep in his bed so Mike and I didn't sleep much.
The next day you could see Jax just didn't feel good and didn't want to leave our sides. He is never this needy. Later that day we went up to my cousins house to hang out and stay the night. We put Jax to bed and he won't up an hour later and didn't go back to bed till late and then had us up early again. He still was not feeling good.

Every time I would start to feel sick, I would drink tea with Thieves EOs in it and it would instantly go away.
Im so glad I brought my oils with me. I was also giving Mike the allergy trio the whole time we were there because he was allergic to their cats! He is now a believer of the oils because it instantly took his symptoms away.

All three of us girls finally got to take an after picture together! I moved right before Juli had Ember so were were able to take a picture.

After Jaxon's fever finally went away, he broke out in a horrible rash. Good thing is, it didn't look like it bugged him. We found out he had roseola.

Monday we took a little family adventure and went sight seeing. We went to cave of the winds and to the dinosaur museum. 

Jax learned how to jump with both feet while we were out in CO and it instantly went from that to running and jumping off of things. This kid is crazy.

Tuesday we went hiking at Garden of the Gods. Jaxon had fun walking around and exploring.

Later that night we went and had dinner at Dustin and Christie's house. It was so nice spending time with them since we hadn't seen them in almost 2 years. 

Even though Jaxon was sick, we had a great time and we were so glad we got to visit with a lot of our friends.

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