Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 69 &70

Week 69
Man oh man has this kid been grumpy! I don't know what it is been he is acting like he is already going through terrible twos. 
This week Jax won't take naps in his crib and won't go to sleep on his own. It so hard to put him down. I finally put the iPad in there with a movie just to get him to sleep. I know its a bad idea but I just don't care at this point. 
He loves chasing lacy around. When she goes zipping by him, he will laugh and squeal. 
Jax tries so hard to say lacy, this, daddy, doggy and mommy.

He knows what to do when I ask him to wipe his face.


Walk in the park with mom and dad. He loves walking around.

Eli's birthday party.

Week 70
Cuddle bug. Wants to sit on my lap.
Knows "all done" in sign launguage 
Loves Mickey Mouse club house, Yo Gabba Gabba and dinosaur train.
Doesn't want to eat as much.

Pushes my legs or pulls my arm when he wants me to go somewhere.
Jax was sitting on my lap while we were watching a movie on the iPad, next thing I know, he was grabbing my nose then would grab his and then go back to mine without taking his eyes off the movie.

Let's me bruch his teeth after I've let him do it for a little while.

Disneyland- loved the buzz and jungle cruise ride. He even had his first Currio and loved it.

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