Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 67 & 68

Jaxons hair is getting so long that he actually gets messy hair. Mike and I just love it! It's so cute when he looks like alfalfa.

Jax has started playing with cars like a big kid. He will push them around on the ground like they're driving. Not sure where he learned that from.

One nap a day? I feel like it's getting close to that. He hasn't wanted to go down for a second nap at his normal time and it gets pushed to later which has also made bedtime later. Bed time is now around 8:30-9 and it use to be 7.

He loves saying bye bye as he walks off. He will turn around and wave then walk a little more and turn around and do it again.

Jax has also started doing sign language a lot more. He does "milk", "please", "more", and "thank you". I'm so proud. It just makes me so happy every time he does it.

When Jaxon wants us to go somewhere he pushes us to walk where he wants. He was doing this to mike and I at the family Christmas party. He was also following one of mikes cousin (Owen) around. It was cute how he looked up to Owen.

Week 68
Loves knocking on the door. 
Showed interest in Christmas presents and loved the airplane that his auntie Nikki and Nate (Nancy) got him.
Jax has become really shy. He will burry his head in my shoulder or legs when someone tries to talk to him.
Really late bed time 9-9:30. He even went to be at 12 one of the nights!!

Friday- took one nap. I'm starting to think I should just give him one nap a day after lunch.
Jax likes going through our legs. He thinks it's fun and will run through mikes legs and then will run over and do the same with me.
Jax says WOW. He was doing it when we went on base to do the jet simulater. We took him in the room and he looked up and said WOW.
We are now putting Jax in 12month pants. They are still big on him bit the 9month pants and getting too tight.
Jax loves chasing after the dog. He will run up to them and stomp his feel like he has seen us do. He laughs every time lacy runs.
Jax started plugging his ears. He was watching a show and would plug them and then take his fingures out and then do it again. How does this kid figure these things out?

He loves walking around the park and if we have Lacy with us, he always wants to hold her leash.

We left Jax in the church nursery on Saturday night. There is a window you can look in where he can't see you and we watched him walk to one of the other windows and just stare out. I was told that he would get a little fussy so they took him on a walk. He didn't really want to play with the toys and wouldn't eat Cheerios. He did like when she blew the bubbles for him.

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