Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Cara Box Reveal

Its time again for the Cara Box Reveal!
I got the pleasure of getting to know Stacy (Who sent me a box) & Shannon (Who I sent a box).
Both girls were just the sweetest and have the most adorable babies.
Like always, I enjoy signing up to do this because I get to meet great girls who share the same lifestyle as me...being a mom. How great is that?!

On to my box.
Stacy did such a great job picking things out for Jaxon and I. I loved everything she sent me.

 She wrapped each thing which made it feel like christmas. ;)
She knows I love anything crafty and sparkly! I forgot the put the nail polish in the picture but she did get me the prettiest sparkly nail polish I have ever seen. Of course I painted my nails right away.
I gave Jaxon his book right when I opened the package because we were driving in the car and he was crying. He instantly stopped crying to read it. I would say he liked it ;)
Check out these cute earrings!! Does she know me or what?!?

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