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Jaxon's Birth Story

Jaxon's Birth Story

If any of you have read my posts prior to this one, you will know I had a scheduled C-Section for Sept 14th because Jaxon was breeched ( My actual due date was Sept 20th).
Sunday Sept 9th my husband and our two friends wanted to go shooting. We decided to drive up to a park where people can pretty much just shoot off the side of the road. Now the road leading up to that point was very bumpy and we all joked around about how funny it would be if it made me go into labor. I sat in the car and watched everyone else shoot since I didn't know if it was ok for my to be around it. After that I felt fine and it just seemed like another day.
3:00 A.M. rolled around and I woke up for my normal pee routine. One I got into the bathroom.... MY WATER BROKE. I stood there shocked ( Kind of like when I found out I was pregnant) and finally woke my hubby up with the words "OH CRAP". He was so out of it and was trying to figure out what was going on. I told him my water broke and I think it took me a couple times saying it for him to realize the baby was coming. He called the hospital while I got everything ready (With a towel between my legs). I called my best friend and my parents to let them know what was going on. 
Juli arrived at the hospital a little after we did.  Since I was there for her daughters birth, I wanted her their for Jaxon's birth. They hooked me up and did all the normal test and then got me ready for my C-Section. I hate needles so when the first attempt at the IV didn't work, I started getting really nervous for what was to come. 
The nurse took me into the operating room alone to have my epidural put in. That was probably the worse part for me. They laid me down and told my hubby to come in. I started getting so nervous that it made me nauseous. The anesthesiologist put something by my nose that smelt gross but took the nausea away. My hubby later told me when he asked why I was scared and I told him I was scared to be cut into... Right at the moment he looked over the sheet and the doctors hand was already in me. Thank God I didn't feel anything.
Everything was so fast. The anesthesiologist took pictures and the first one was of Jaxon's butt coming out of me. Once he was out, they showed him to me real quick and took him over to get weighed. Michael was over with him the whole time (which made me feel a little better).

 I could here him crying but couldn't see him. That part was a little hard for me. I just remember laying there thinking this didn't feel real and wanted them to be finished so I could see my son. They finally brought him over and took some pictures of all of us together.

After all that, I was wheeled into the recovery room. Now here is the best part. When I found out I was having a C-Section, I was really upset because I knew when I was in recovery, they were going to take the baby up to the nursery. Since my water broke at 3:00 A.M., there wasn't anyone else there in the hospital... which meant they let Jaxon be with me the WHOLE time in recovery! They also let Juli come back and be with us. They helped me nurse him and I got to have my skin-to-skin contact that I wanted. I also got to watch them give him his first bath. 

Once I got into my room, I had nurses in and out every 2 hours. At least the hospital food was good.
Jaxon slept with either Michael or me the whole time. I think we might have put him in his bed once.
We were only there for 2 nights and left on the third day. I don't think I could have been there much longer.

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  1. Beautiful story ... for a wonderful family.