Friday, August 10, 2012

Last Trimester Must Haves.

These are a couple things I have needed to get through this last trimester.

Toms- Really, there isn't any other shoe that will compare right now. I wear them everywhere and I never seem to have any problems with me feet.

Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks- For all you girls who love chocolate... OMG! You cant get any better then this. Im addicted.

Yogi, Mother to be tea & Olive Gardens peach ice tea mix- Who loves Olive Gardens Peach Ice Tea? I sure do! I bought a bottle from them and then mixed it with Yogi's mother to be tea.  It reminds me of mint peach ice tea. Very good :)

Prenatal Massage- I really think every pregnant women should at least do this once.
I didn't realize how tense I was until I got this done. I felt so relaxed after this.

Nursing Sports Bra- ( This will also go on my list for my nursing must haves.) As you all know, you boobs do grow! And I would love it if mine would stop now. Im already growing out of my nursing bra I had to get when I started getting bigger. The first nursing bra was great until these puppies got to big that the wire was starting to really hurt my chest. No more wire bras for me for awhile. After I bought this sports bra (from target) I realized pregnant life can be comfortable (in some ways).

Swimming!!!- Please do this. It takes so much pressure off of everything! Jaxon is in a weird position and my back and stomach are always aching. I could spend all day in the pool.

Body pillow- This is good for the whole pregnancy! If I didn't have this pillow, there is no way I would ever be able to sleep. Sorry hunny, this pillow is my new man!

There is probably more things I could put on here but my pregnancy brain is getting the best of me.


  1. Hey have u packed your and jaxon's hospital bag? I'd be eager to know what you are packing! I did my baby girls but havent packed mine yet, bought lots of small travel type toiletries yesterday so I might begin today! OOH check out my favourite pregnancy photography shots @
    I cannot wait to have this shoot done! Yay!

    1. I started on his bag but I have been putting it off... which I shouldn't anymore since I'm getting very close.
      Ill probably do it this next week and then post it :)
      I love those pictures. My husband and I just had our maternity pictures taken from two of my good friends. Im dying to see them!!

      Do you not have a baby blog??

    2. No my partner doesn't want the world to see everything as he feels this is between us, I amn't even allowed to post bump pics to facebook! However we are doing weekly bump shots and he is up for doing a pregi photo shoot but not 4 the whole world 2 c, I do get his point. Cant wait to see what you all have packed xxx

    3. Thats a bummer but I do understand.
      Its good your are doing the weekly belly shots.
      I know so many people that wish they did.