Friday, April 15, 2016

16 & 17 weeks

Crazy little wiggle worm. Loves to push with her legs, arch her back and ends up in weird positions in her chair. 

Hensley got to meet Katie this week. She was in town and came over to visit. 

Pinches and scratches my boobs while nursing. It comforts her and she falls asleep.

We went down to Fallbrook for the weekend for Grandma Jackies funeral. It was nice getting to see all the family.

17 weeks

Squeals and screams at me when she wants to eat.
Ticklish under her ribs and back.
Almost found her feet. I think she will be there very soon.
She does a great job on her tummy and her legs are very strong. We hold her hands and stand her up and she will stay standing for a long time.
She is learning how to hold onto toys. She try's to bring them up to her mouth but can't quite get it there.

Jaxon: LOVES surprises. He will even try to surprise me with things by putting it behind his back and saying, "mommy, I have a surprise for you".

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