Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 2015

Jaxon loves monster trucks and motorcycles. He will take the toys to bed with him and anywhere he goes. It's adorable to hear him say "Grave Digger". 

Mike and I were giving Jaxon a bath and it looked like he was going to pee so I stuck his potty seat on the toilet and put him on it. I told him if he peed in the potty that I would give him M&Ms. It took him about 5 minutes but he finally did it!!

Mike brought home Strider bike for Jax to start learning on. Since it doesn't have pedals, it will help teach him balance. He hasn't gotten use to it yet but it does love it.

I took Jaxon to see his first movie in a theater. We saw "Home" and I was very impressed with how well he did most of the time. He did get up and move every now and then with his friends. Overall I was happy with how well he did and I wouldn't mind talking him to see another movie.

Mike also took him on his long board and Jaxon was in heaven.

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