Tuesday, August 26, 2014

To The People Who Can't Seem to Understand.

To the people who can't seem to understand, I'm not here to please you. 
You have no idea what my day has been like with my toddler. From the moment I wake up to when he goes to be, all he wants is my attention. Everytime I go to clean my place, he is pulling at my clothes and whining because he wants my attention. Everytime I sit down he wants me to get him something to eat but then wants something else after only taking two bites ( while whining the whole time). I try to get some stuff done around the house because all I hear from other people is " your a stay at home mom so you should be able to do that". Once I get into a good groove with cleaning, either my toddler is whining at me or he is getting into trouble. If I don't give him my full attention then he is running around, jumping off of things (and my downstairs neighbor already hates us) touching things he shouldn't be touching, throwing things at the dog or throwing food all over the ground. I cant take my eyes off him. Once naptime rolls around, I finally get a chance to myself (1-2 hours). And what do I do? Well, since I own my own shop, I have to fill orders. That's my way of bringing in extra money so we can pay bills or be able to go do fun family things. So MY time is making money. If I'm done with orders then I'm back to cleaning. Once he wakes up, I do it all over again. I'm an introvert who is exhausted by all the playing and whining I hear all day. Sometimes I just need quiet and the last thing I want to do is be on the phone. Most of the time I can't even answer the phone because then my toddler wants it and screams because I won't give it to him.
So to the people who don't understand. If I don't answer you calls, call you back, text you right away, have my house clean all the time, remember to do something... Then just remember, I'm here to please my child, not you. I will always do my best to do all of the things I just mentioned but my brain is fried. 
 So please, just understand and give me a break.

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  1. It makes me sad you felt the need to write this. If someone guilts you into feeling bad for not rising to the occasion of pleasing them, they clearly don't have a small child. Praying for you mama!