Monday, October 29, 2012

7 Weeks Old

Lacy made her way into the picture. I had nothing to do with the posing.

Jax is still wearing newborn outfits and diapers. He is to big for Pampers newborns but does great in Huggies newborn diapers. I LOVE the natural ones. 

Baby Jax has been doing so good with holding his head up. Its still a little wobbly but he is getting the hang of it. I cant wait till he can do it all by himself.

This week has been super busy for our little family. We are moving Nov 2nd so we have been packing like crazy. How is it packing with a 7 week old you ask? Well its definitely not easy. We try to rust to get as much as we can done while he is sleeping, but once he wakes up there is no chance of packing.

iPhone Mommas ( Sorry I'm an Apple girl)
There are two apps I came across and love!
Baby Journal by Similac. Even though I don't formula feed, I still love this app. It helps me keep track of both kinds of feeding; breast or bottle, diaper changes, pumping and sleeping.
WebMD Baby has some great info especially for new moms. Im also a big fan of their baby book journal. You can put all your baby's "Firsts" and weekly pictures to watch them grow.
Now of course there is probably some other really good apps out there, but this is what I have found so far that I like.

Jaxon got to meet his Great Aunt and Great Grandma.

Jaxon's first snow!

Yes he is holding his bottle. If only he knew how he did it and could repeat it.

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  1. I cannot believe he is still in NB stuff and 7 weeks old! To me, that is great. Everyone has been telling me within 2 weeks of our little Jax being born he will be out of his NB clothes. Haha, it may be true - but I am hoping he stays little bitty but gets chunky. I think it's more because I dont want to him to grow up too fast. All the pictures are adorable. He is a little cutie :)

    1. Yeah I love him being small but to me he still is growing up to fast. I was looking at his newborn pictures and I cant believe the difference.