Monday, May 5, 2014

Living Healthy-er} Young Living Oils

After using Young Living oils for a month now, I can say I'm addicted!
Im amazed at how well they really work. I have been able to control my allergies, take the pain away in my back and I even got rid of a wart! (yeah, gross)
I love that my husband will even do it with me.
Check out the oils the come in the premium starter kit.
The great part about getting the starter kit is the amazing price. Its a great way to try 11 different oils with the diffuser for half the price it normally is. You do have to sign up as a wholesale member to get that deal but you are in no way obilgated to sell or make more purchases. You can choose to just get the kit and thats it. But I know once you do, you will want more oils. They are just that good!

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