Tuesday, April 22, 2014

{Living Healthy-er} Young Living!

Man oh man am I excited about YOUNG LIVING!
Ever since I decided to try and do things the healthy way, I have been constantly looking for new things to try that will only benefit my body... not harm it.
Ive been so tired of never feeling good and no doctor seems to know what they are doing. Im sick of medication that is only fixing the problem at that moment but causing future harm for my body.
Ive heard a lot of people talking about essential oils but never knew the benefits until I started doing research. It wasn't until Mama Natural did her video that made me want to jump in and try it.
She is someone who I trust when it comes to all thing natural. 

Now, if you have looked into essential oils then you will look at the price and be sceptic. Just remember, you are paying for the quality.
I decided I wanted to sign up as a distributer because of the great premium started kit. You get so much for the price. And if you sign up, get the premium one. Trust me, its worth saving up and getting that one.
I will say that I'm truly in love with these oils. I even have my husband doing them.

I will be posting more on the different oils in the future (when Jaxon will give me the time).

If you want to jump in and try it too... go and sign up!

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