Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{Living Healthy-er} My face.

Pregnancy changer your body.
Im not just talking about hips, getting stretch marks and all that jazz.
Im talking about your face too.
After I had Jaxon, I broke out far worse then when I was a teen. I hated it.
At times, I would feel so gross that I didn't want to even go out. How about those deep zits that just sit under your skin and make you look like you have a horn? Um yeah, I got those bad. I also noticed I had more blackheads then normal. GROSS!
I was determined to do anything I could. Yes, anything... exempt go to the doctors. I always try to do natural things before relying on medicine.
Well, I found what works for me and I love it. 

Hello road to recovery!

What I do for blackheads.

2Tbs of Honey
1Tbs Salt
1Tbs Baking Soda

This can last me 2-3 days spread out in a week. I wash my face with my normal face wash ( Im still looking for a natural face wash). After I rinse it off I apply the honey mixture to my face and rub in circles allowing the salt to be my scrub. I leave that on for about 5 minutes. You may feel it tingling. While I'm washing it off, I will keep rubbing it. I want to scrub those suckers out!

After that I do my other routine to keep the acne away.

As a toner, I use Witch hazel or Apple cider Vinegar/water.
I switch off every other day.

I put 1/2 Apple cider Vinegar and 1/2 water in a bottle and apply a little to a cotton ball and rub it around my problem areas.

Next I apply zit cream to those nasty little suckers.

Once thats dries, I put a tiny amount of tee tree oil in my hand, a squire of Vitamin C Serum (not in the picture) and mix a moisturizer with it. Then I rub it all over my face.

I have also started putting coconut oil under my eyes. Im so addicted to Coconut oil and AppleCider vinegar! You will see more posts about that.

My skin feels so soft now and I Have noticed a huge different in my acne. 
Of course, when Aunt Flow comes to down, my face likes to break out but I'm looking into other natural ways to level out my hormones. 

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